Live Airdrops

May 12, 2019

9 Live Airdrop - VD, DAYTA, Enverex, LMK, REC, UTP Tokens And IDAX, MXC, Wbfex Exchanges

VD Token (Get 10000 Token Worth 50$)
*Listed on Coingecko*
Join Link
DAYTA Token (Get 1600 Token)
Join Link
Enverex Token (Get 12 Token Worth 12$)
- Sing up (5 ENVXUSD)
- Login 7 Days And Claim 7 ENVXUSD
Join Link
LMK Token (Get 1500 Token Worth 10$)
Join Link

REC Token (Get 50 Token)
Join Link
  UTP Token (Get 200 Token)
Join Link
IDAX Exchange (To Win 150,000 MIC)
Inviter IDAX Email:
Singup Link
Form Link
 Telegram Link
MXC Exchange (Get Many Tokens)
- Sing up & Complete KYC
NOTE: For KYC Enter Your Name Without Space
Join Link
Wbfex Exchange (Get 5 USDT)
- Complete KYC
Join Link*****