Live Airdrops

Apr 1, 2019

8 Live Airdrop - MAG, DxChain, MiG, PCHAIN Tokens And UBANK, Streamex, X-Hive, OceanEx Exchanges

MAG Token (Get 50000 Token Worth 34$)
*Listed On CMC*
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DxChain Token (Get 27000 CP)
*Community points (CP) & the all points convert into tokens later*
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MiG Token (Total 1,000,000 MiG Worth 100,000$)
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PCHAIN Token (Total 2,800,000 PI)
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UBANK Exchange (Get 1000 Token Worth 130$)
*Listed On Exchange*
REFER CODE - A0023147
*Must Use Refer Code Otherwise You Don't Receive Token

- Download App & Singup
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Streamex Exchange (Get 160 STE Worth 43$)
- Singup
- Go to airdrop page complete tasks
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X-Hive Exchange (Get 200 BEXAM Worth 24$)
*Good Exchange*
- Singup (100 BEXAM)
- Complete KYC (100 BEXAM)
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 OceanEx Exchange (Get 500 OCE + Win Up to 1M OCE)
Referral ID:  X3LBZG
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Instraction & Form Link
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