Live Airdrops

Mar 24, 2019

9 Live Airdrop - AUD, MC, DIO, Top, AML, V4U, RDN Tokens And Amplify, BCNEX Exchanges

AUD Token (Get 100$ Worth Token)
- Join Airdrop Waitlist
- Just Singup
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MC Token (Get 1000 Token Worth 50$)
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DIO Token (Not Specific)
*Listed on 4 Exchanges*
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Top Token (Get 70 Token Worth 50$)
*Listing Soon On Huobi Exchange*
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AML Token (Get 125 Token Worth 10$)
Singup Link
Bot Link
V4U Token (Get 100 Token)
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RDN Token (Get 20 Token)
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 Amplify Exchange (Get 50 AMPX Worth 50$)
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 BCNEX Exchange (Get 85 BCNX Worth 27$)
*Verified Exchange - Complete KYC*
- Register & Go to home
- Click on airdrop then click Earn
- Complete tasks
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