Live Airdrops

Mar 14, 2019

7 Live Airdrop - SocialChain, DVT, FST, WABI, EVC Tokens And Whaleex, Neon District Exchanges

SocialChain (Get 10000 SToken)
*New Social Media*
- Singup & Complete Tasks
- Fill Airdrop Form
Singup Link
Form Link
DVT Token (Get 500 Token Worth 15$)
Referral: @mdullahtanvir
Join Link
 FST Token (Get 5 Token)
*Listed On 3 Exchanges*
Join Link
WABI Token (Get 20 Token)
Join Link
 EVC Token (Total 3,000 Token Giveaway)
*Airdrop By Etherflyer*
Join Link
Whaleex Exchange (Get 600 WAL Worth 35$ + Chance to Win 888 EOS)
*Get Daily 2 to 3 Listed Airdrops*
- Singup & Download App
- Click on red packet and complete tasks
Join Link
Neon District Exchange (Join Waitlist Get Token)
Join Link