Live Airdrops

Mar 9, 2019

10 Live Airdrop - TOS, VDX, BIIDO, EFIN, CoinAnalyst, TM Tokens And NEXBIT, Oceanex, Koinfox, PRDAE Exchanges

TOS Token #R3 (Get 30000 Token)
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VDX Token (Get 110 Token Worth 20$)
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BIIDO Token (Get 350 Token Worth 18$)
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EFIN Token (Get 1000 Token)
- Just Singup
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CoinAnalyst Token (Not Specific)
*Genuine Project - 1 Token=0.01 EUR*
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TM Token (Get 200 Token)
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NEXBIT Exchange (Get 3000 QPAY Worth 90$)
Singup Link 
Form Link
Oceanex Exchange (Get 35000 PLA Worth 80$)
*Listed On Oceanex*
- Register via Referral ID and pass KYC (25000 PLA)
- Go to "Players Assemble" Join event (10000 PLA)
Referral ID:  X3LBZG
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Koinfox Exchange (Get 15000 KFT Worth 150$)
- Singup
- Login Simulator
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PRDAE Exchange (Get 300 ECHT Token Worth 9$)
- Complete KYC
Invitation Code: 167058
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