Live Airdrops

Feb 1, 2019

6 Live Airdrop - GENT, 3DX, Cobo, ARXO, BNI Tokens And CoinBig Exchange

GENT Token #R2 (Get 100000 Token)
*Listed on 3 Exchanges*
Referral username: @liveairdrop02
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 3DX Token (Get 17600 Token Worth 10$)
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Cobo Wallet (Get 500 Cobo + Win EOS and CC 100 Candy from 1 to 5 FEB)
Invitation Code: O96MLH
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 ARXO Token (Get 100 Token)
*Listed On OOOBTC Exchange*
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 Airdrop Link
BNI Token (Get 100 Token)
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 CoinBig Exchange (Get 10 Token Worth 45$)
- Singup & Complete KYC
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