Live Airdrops

Nov 23, 2018

6 Live Airdrop - HexX, AIPAY, ROG, MPS Tokens And Kryptono, InMax Exchanges

HexX Token (Get 200$ Worth Token)
Who referred you: @liveairdrop
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 AIPAY Token (Get 50000 Token + 10 ETH Giveaway)
 Your Referrer Telegram: @mdullahtanvir02
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 Giveaway Link
ROG Token (Get 30000 Token)
Telegram Referral Id: @liveairdrop02
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 MPS Token (25-30$ Worth Token + 6.5 ETH Giveaway)
*Massive Project - 1 MT = 5$*
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Kryptono Exchange (Get 1000 KNOWs Token)
*Airdrop For Beta FIATO APP Testing*
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 Form Link
InMax Exchange (Get 3 INX Worth 0.025 ETH)
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Qobit Exchange (Win up to $1,000 worth of ETH & QOBI Tokens)
- Sign up for the QOBIT Beta waiting list & Verify Your Mail
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