Live Airdrops

Get 100 QTM = 639$ Just For Signup

Nov 20, 2018

11 Live Airdrop - SLT, HOPE, XAYA, Sparkle, DACC, DEAL, IZI Tokens And Yunique, PROBIT, MineBit, CoinOne Exchanges

SLT Token (Get 20000 Token)
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 HOPE Token (Get 1000 Token)
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XAYA Token (Get 650 Token)
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Wallet Link
 Sparkle Token (Airdrop & Bounty)
*1 Aparkle=0.6$*
Airdrop Link
Bounty Link
DACC Token (Get 2200 Token)
*Listed On CMC*
Airdrop Link (Get 1100 Token)
Giveaway Link (Get 1100 Token)
Form Link
 DEAL Token (Get 13 Token Worth 7$)
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IZI Token (Get 50 Token Worth 0.02 ETH)
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Yunique Exchange (Get 5000 YQX)
Invited By: mdullahtanvir
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PROBIT Exchange (100 EOS & SAMSUNG S9)
*Lucky Draw 100 EOS Daily for 10 Winners and 1 Samsung S9 Weekly*
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MineBit Exchange (Get 90 MBT)
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CoinOne Exchange (Get 10000 IDR + 100 VEX)
- Singup & Complete KYC
- Go to "Event" and join VEX airdrop
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