Live Airdrops

Oct 8, 2018

8 Live Airdrop - KIKI, DXG, SLTC, OXP, GROO, TOT, PRE, P.O Tokens

KIKI Token (Get 50000 Token)
 Telegram username of your referer: @mdullahtanvir02
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DXG Token (Get 3000 Token Worth 0.15 ETH)
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SLTC Token (Get 600 Token)
 Enter Telegram Referral Username: @mdullahtanvir02
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OXP Token (Get 10000 Token)
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GROO Token (Get 500 Token)
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TOT Token (Get 10 Token Worth 10€+Bounty)
Airdrop Link
Bounty Link
PRE Token (Get 50 Token And Earn More)
*Already Listed On CMC*
* Earn More For Search
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P.O Token (Get 3 Token Worth 3$)
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