Live Airdrops

Oct 23, 2018

6 Live Airdrop - QUIN, Coinchase, AVG, JeXchanger, BTRC, FRUCTUS Tokens

QUIN Token (Get 45000 Token)
- After singup click "Bounty"
- Complete tasks and fill up form
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Coinchase (Get 0.1 ETH Instant)
- SingUp
- Complete KYC
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AVG Token (Get 0.35 ETH Worth Token)
 Referral username Telegram: @mdullahtanvir02
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JeXchanger Exchnage (Get 500 JXC Token)
 Referred By: @mdullahtanvir02
Referrall wallet address: 0x0E0Fd8F024d4a3F10ed8409D0A858eEdafEbc9a6
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 BTRC Token (Get 112$ Worth Token)
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FRUCTUS Token (Get 85 Token Worth 25.5$)
- After singup click "Airdrop" and complete tasks
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